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Toshiba TV
Service mode procedures

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Toshiba TV Various Models
Service mode procedure for most Toshiba TVs
Press sound mute (on remote)- Tv displays sound mute OSD, Then hold down sound mute and press the menu button on the control panel

This should display the service mode data with an 'S' in the corner of the screen. Gives basic geometry and display data.

Press the -- button on the remote - enters frame collapse mode - to set screen voltage

When in service mode:-
Hold down CALL (on the remote) and press the menu button, Set then enters design mode
All sub data can then be adjusted.

Projection models
From service mode - pressing the yellow button on the remote gives the convergence adjustment mode
Up/2   Down/8   Left/4   Right/6
Press 5 to toggle adjustment / move - on / off
Press 3 to change colour to be adjusted
It is recommended that the green convergence grid should not be adjusted
Pressing the red green or blue buttons will toggle the corresponding convergence grid

From service mode - hold down the F on the remote and press 7 - enters convergence menu - auto convergence setup for different aspect ratios

Hope this is useful
(Best regards - Andreas)

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